About Us!

About Us!

PakSatire.com is a cure to stressed minds. It is a multimedia blog of original and exclusive comics, cartoon animations and videos regarding current Pakistani issues. It gives the satire-quoted dose in such a light, fun and nonsense way that it easily gets down the stomach of a common man at the same time collecting patient information and symptom’s data to help them remain free of constipated issues. If you know of some other effective stress and constipated issues treatments, please do not hesitate to sign-up with us as a practitioner/contributor.

Meet the principal practitioner.
Like over 150 Million other Pakistanis, I am an average looking guy, with average resources and have average academic qualifications from average institutes of Pakistan. But I am a miserable mutant being NOT AN AVERAGE MIND, which does not let me, rest in peace (please this ain’t no “RIP”). Either I get it too quickly or don’t get at all. And to make things worst (or may be best) this little freak in my head keeps telling me hey, WHY DONT’ YOU TRY IT? And I keep on trying new things without the fear of loss.

If curiosity is killing you then You can check more on my Stop Blog and main blog site, on my facebook profile or you can follow up on Twitter.

If not, then it’s not your fault. You were born with not-so-easily-bothered ability. Good Luck!


  1. Posted by aavaraich, at

    Nice introduction. Hope to get the best out of your ‘Not An Average Mind’. Seems obvious its not going to be merely “Brain Masala”. See you again!


    • Posted by admin, at

      @aavaraich, I am taking this as a compliment. and sure, hope to give more entertaining and thought provoking stuff in future.

  2. Posted by Jaseem, at

    I am willing to get communicated with you people . I want more and more information about politics and business. please send me relavent informations on my email address frequently.

    • Posted by admin, at

      @Jaseem, you can subscribe to our news feed.

  3. Posted by Mirza Nadeem Baig, at

    Average is no problem but negative is problem, we all average people hanged in the hands of negative evil minded people even sometime evils, who are always ruling just after the Quid-e-Azam I don’t know this is due to bad luck of nation or we are not eligible…..

  4. Posted by Aleem, at

    Dear touseef,
    My friend not all 150 million pakistani are average looking . N unfortunatley not all of them have average resources, i am sorry to say that in this class ridden soceity most of them have below below average resources and 95% of them never have a chance to be in an average institution.

    • Posted by admin, at

      Aleem, you have made me speechless. I hope some how we could turn this to a society where the least you could get is above average. thanks for such thought provoking comment.

  5. Posted by jawad, at

    good intro

  6. Posted by Abuzar Tariq, at

    Same here buddy!

  7. Posted by khalid, at

    I want to send you some pics wherein Pakistan has been called a KINGDOM.How should I proceed. I do not know. If you can publish that process many viewers would benefit and you can develop new ideas from that.

    • Posted by admin, at

      what they call kingdom? I am sorry I did not fully understand what you mean.
      sure khalid, you can send that to info(at)paksatire.com. thanks for your concern.

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  10. Posted by xohaib, at

    sir tomorrow on the gettogether for imanae malik , i was also present.there was a person whose son died in meyo hospital cuse an AC which was not fixed fall on him . can u do something for the person?? like projecting his problem through ur art.? n putting his info on ur website?? sir i have all data about the kid.his father made me an email of the related content. but he is not a rich like aqeel sab.so he cudnt put his problem infront of nation to decide??

    a kid died beacuse an AC falls on him ..WTf/:( management should be charged !