what dynasty currently rules Kingdom of Pakistan?

what dynasty currently rules Kingdom of Pakistan?

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One of our reader Mr. Khalid Nagra has sent us a couple of interesting images of “dates” packing where it was written the words “Kingdom” of Pakistan instead of “Republic” of Pakistan.
In his own words.

“Some not very literate person has labeled Pakistan as a KINGDOM. Obviously it is not a deliberate move. However there is a strong comical facet of it. In fact in DEFENCE Sunday Bazaar DATES are being sold at Rs. 400 per kg.in packing of 250g. Just to provide you with some material I attach two photos of the packs, one showing Pakistan as a KINGDOM and the other showing name of the commercial body( unknown type). If Pakistan is a KINGDOM who is the KING and what dynasty rules it currently.”

Well it sure seems that some one tried to copy the Saudi design format but don’t you really think, unintentionally, they have written the real truth on the packing? Ain’t we living in a kingdom? Ain’t our political system is based not on how competent are you but on who are your parents? We are being ruled by only a handful of families who really think (and believe me they do) Pakistan as a kingdom and themselves as the rightful heir of this throne. May be it has to do with our past and the acceptance of kingdom over caliphate by our distant forefathers right after the span of first four great Caliphs. That now this irrational following has become part of our blood and soul and even knowing everything we still are bound to accept that “dynasty knows no rules and is always better than competence”. Please share your views.

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