Where did all the bakras go?

Where did all the Bakras go on Baqar-Eid?

Where did all the Bakras go on Baqar-Eid?

Were you fortunate enough to find and eventually buy a bakra for qurbani this Baqar Eid? or you may have been wondering all the time where did all the bakras, sheeps, cows and all the animals which can be sacrificed (except awaam (pun intended), this ain’t no blog for politicians.) go? or there must be some of your friends, neighbors or relatives, who could not have managed to do a qurbanni this Eid-ul-Azha.

So, we tried to investigate the issue and here is what we have found. Bakras have been turned into politicians, :p seriously. They have found a way out to save themselves just when you thought you are pretty close to eventually put an end to their khulley aam eating spree.

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  1. admin says:

    This was very quick but I hope you guys would still like it.

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