Zardari v/s Bakra – Presidential Bakra Dance

Here is the long awaited one. I developed it in a very busy schedule of work and a cousin’s wedding. And did I mention, my wife is so damn angry to me by spending the whole night in office and missing the mehndi as well. I think your precious comments and sharing this card with your friends, family and loved ones will just make up for that.

This is the most superb piece of animation you may have ever seen by me. There is the full Presidential band and then the Presidential Bakra. Let’s see who’s got the craziest of moves? our President or the Bakra?

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476 Responses to “Zardari v/s Bakra – Presidential Bakra Dance”

  1. TABANIAN says:


  2. admin says:

    Thanks man! I hope you do share it with others. :p

  3. SAAD says:

    haha great work man

  4. admin says:

    thanks saad. :)

  5. mubashar says:

    Toseef bhi you are great. Very good idea with a very nice animation. Thanks i will send to my friends..

  6. admin says:

    thanks mubashar.

  7. john smith says:

    yeh to koi bat na hoi

  8. mubashar says:

    @john smith kia matlab? aap kay kehney ka kia matlab hay? kia aap ko yeh beautiful animation pasand nehi aai? @Toseef bhi you are always welcome. No needs to say Thanks. Have a Very wonderful Eid..

  9. admin says:

    @john smith: what happened? what do you mean?
    @Usman Latif & mubashar: thanks!

  10. timbuktu says:

    wow good one hellooo to all and EID Mubarak

  11. jumanji says:

    love this one watch cars htp:// too love your political joke buddy

  12. HABIB says:

    hey any body enjoy here you self

  13. admin says:

    thanks guys!

  14. ANWAR GUJJAR says:

    salam every body and eid mubbaruk

  15. abdul haseeb says:

    first of all Eid Mubarak to all

    Zardari will win this compedition

  16. admin says:

    yes eid mubarak to everyone. zardari can only win through cheat. :p

  17. zahid says:

    great ye isi qabil hain great job buddy

  18. sadie says:

    wow itss really entertaining…:)


  19. umer,madu says:

    conragulation from Asif zardari bakra happy eid mubarik o bakre

  20. Asaduc says:

    Yar bakra tou kuch bi nahi humare president ke match at all…

  21. Maheen says:

    lol… this is amzing! he is incredible! ofcourse the president!

  22. Abbas Khan says:

    Hilarious … !!

  23. Ali says:

    haha great work dude ;D

  24. Faisal says:

    great! keep it up!

  25. Waseem says:

    Bounce… just bounce………… dance, just dance :D

  26. Fahad says:

    presidanto haz sum skillz ; ) Btw i love the muzik piece in the back ground, whose is it?..

    • admin says:

      yeah, our president has got some craziest of moves one can ever imagine. And the bgsound was taken from

  27. Asfiya says:

    Very nice and entertaining.

  28. Aaqib says:



  29. tamatar says:

    i dnt know wat to comment about ths site just a complex issues it is

  30. Sajjad Ashraf says:

    Great Work Dude, you are always good. May Allah give you success

  31. Salman says:

    wooo… cooool… way to go!!

  32. haha, nice one
    but try putting some text in tooo

  33. Azeem Tahir says:

    Nice one Man!!!!! Thumbs up. Just complete it. Make it some kind of humorous story or something.

  34. Madiha says:

    heyy too good actually ye issi liye paida huay hain!!!!!!!!!!lolzzzzz

  35. Haidar says:

    Sir cool animation. really good work.

  36. jansher says:

    Yeah Good work…!

  37. Ali says:

    Great… seems a lot of time spent on this… very good man.. keep it up.

  38. pinky says:

    great job yar es kay nikkamay betay ki b aisi hi video banani chahiye jis mei wo disco kar raha ho .bilawal vs murgha

  39. ali hashmi says:

    haaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha ooooooh oooooh eye eye …………..

  40. Naved says:

    amazin man …. its helpful coz i jus started learning animations …….

  41. vicky131 says:

    O pa G…
    Kya bat hay g Wah Maza aa gaya.

  42. Kamran says:

    lolz … gr8 work man!! =) hahaha!

  43. rabia khalid says:

    its really funny, i enjoyed, thanks for sharing all this with us

  44. bird says:


  45. Abai yaaaar says:

    Professional comment –> Really enjoyed it!
    // Otherwise –> I think the bakra is being insulted, having to dance with XXXXX …

  46. Amber says:

    couldn’t distinguished which one is our president[:P]

    really kool

  47. Amjid says:

    Baqra is still better have sence but Zardari ?

  48. azad baloch says:

    zardari wa kichen kabina ka aaj kal esaa e haal ae

  49. hafiz 123 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  50. ferrums says:

    hilarious plus nimble piece of work

  51. zoomy says:

    Yar bakra tou kuch bi nahi humare president ke samne

  52. zoomy says:

    Mana ke Payar ka Pehla Lafz “P” adhora hai


    Agar P ko Nikla dein


    “YAAR” reh jata hai


    aap jaise yaar hoon tu

    Zindgi se bhi Payar Ho jata hai

  53. arish says:

    Bara ishq ishq tu karna ain,
    Kadi ishq da gunjal khol te sai,
    Tenu mitti vich na rol devay,
    Do pyar dy bol,
    bol te sai,
    Sukh ghat tey dard hazar milan,
    Kadi ishq nu takri tol te sai,
    Teri hasdi akh v pij javay,
    Kadi sanon andron phoul te sai,
    Tere pyar wich jind rol devan,
    Tu smajh menu Anmol te sai.

  54. Dear All, We should realize that He is president of Pakistan and we should respect the office of the President,
    yhanks, I hope you all will think about it and will take care the image of Pakistan

    M.Adeel Qureshi
    Lecturer of Social Sciences and Huminities,
    KaARACHI University

    • admin says:

      @M.Adeel Qureshi, Adeel sahib, We are in no way degrading anyone. This is part of culture that the people who are in command are being portrayed in the satire. Look at the news papers around you and even TV channels. And btw, they are people in command so they should also know how they can improve Pakistani image internationally and do even a single act which shows that they are not putting up the whole country respect at stake. I hope you do understand what I am saying.

  55. baba pomi says:

    friend ship karni hai aap se

  56. Prince says:

    very nice animation

    DownloadPK – Full Version Downloads

  57. Abdul Basit says:


  58. wasi, says:

    Maza aya zabardast

  59. Shah Gee says:

    Dear Tauseef Bhai, Great Job

    This animation is very brilliant, I hope you will make more animations for our entertainment, tks.

  60. fatima anwar says:

    good work man…….keep it up..

  61. khokhar says:

    good work man

  62. waris ali tabassum says:

    best and fantastic keep it up

  63. bushra says:

    hey friend ap log plz u tube ke search bar me bushra naughty girl writ kare and mere video dake and mujh ko apne comments de mere is ya mujh ko sms kar ke 03463849001

    • ANGEL says:

      Aray pagal logon ye sb drama hoy siraf ap logon ko pagal bananay ka…………………………………………………………………………………………

  64. sheran says:


  65. Vicky_Malik says:

    Good Job my dear….
    Lagey raho Munna Bhai………..

  66. nasir says:

    sorry to disappoint you but it is monotonous and very uninteresting there isnt any humour or satire or imagination at all

    • admin says:

      @nasir, I am sorry you did not like these animations. may be you could suggest us how can we improve the quality. or may be if you have certain ideas you want to see animated, please let me know. Thanks!

      • One thing we can suggest is that, since you are putting in all these efforts, in stead of promoting the bad party, you can try and build some stories giving hope, or some kind of public advice, we even need to know how to drive on the roads.

        I hope I am able to give you the idea.

  67. dear well done, try another one piece regards.

  68. asif says:

    how to download it,,,,,,,,

  69. Ayesha Ch says:

    Humm Nice Nd Funny

  70. waris ali tabassum says:

    good work

  71. waris ali tabassum says:

    very good

  72. waris ali tabassum says:

    i like it good

  73. ovais says:

    salam yaara waise karna kya hai yeha per koi batana passand karega

  74. Sikandar says:

    abey is k kapray to utaro !!! kapron main to roz he nachta hay ye!

  75. JUNAID AHMED says:

    this is a best vidio just fo entertenment ,and i like it i think these are real enjoyment for us.i want see the more cilip as it is.i hope it will cont… in the future time!

  76. mustafa says:

    good job man but do not keep it up !

  77. mustafa says:

    good and also bad hahahahaha

  78. Umair says:

    Bakra 1 aisa jaanwar hai jise hum ALLAH ki raah mein qurbaan karte hain us ko Asif Ali Zardari larwa k bichare bakre ki toheen to mat karain plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  79. @li says:

    supereb yar

  80. rida says:

    good bro i like it and i will distribute it to my all friendz

  81. Norman Rage says:

    zardari milaga qiston par

  82. raJPuT says:

    hmmm…now let me think….Whea should i post what i told you about >?:D

  83. sania says:


  84. Lashari says:

    Aik sindhi ko bardashat nahi kar sakhtay Mohartama ney apni family ki qurbani de laken un ki Politics ka yah hall hai soory for this

    • Abai yaaaar says:

      @Lashari, My dear brother … this is not about ‘Sindhi’ or ‘non-Sindhi’ or any other ethnicity. I am frankly surprised that you are thinking this way.
      The subject person, in my view, is an insult to all Sindhis (and the whole of Pakistan). This animation is simply providing an outlet for what most people think about the subject.

  85. heheheh very intersting hahahaha.very funny.

  86. mani says:

    Zardari say muqabla yeh tou BAKRAY kay lia sharamnaak baat hay :)

  87. Ejaz says:

    I really liked. Nice work brother..I hope you will continue…well done

  88. cybil says:

    hey man !!!
    Great work…wellz can u guid me how did u make this card…i love animation …but i want to make my own cards….so i hope for ur guid …till then bye

    • admin says:

      @cybil, this is a long process from the idea realization to adding sound fx to the animation. I suggest you do all the lessons provided within flash and also try to learn from, that’s an excellent resource.

  89. Rehan Danish says:

    this is very good .main tu ont ko pasand karta ho.

  90. aamir khan says:

    yaar kuch tu is per raham karo ab tu ya pakistan ka saddar hai

  91. Yousaf Bajwa says:

    lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz thats awwwsummmmmm….You rock dude..

  92. Azeem Tahir says:

    To: The Creator.

    Last time I commented, you asked me for some storyline.
    Kindly let me know what your email address is, and I will send you some storyline(s) that might help.

    I’ll be waiting…


  93. Puppoo says:

    O Bhai in main se bakra konsa hai :P PPP

  94. Amjad Rashid (aarashid) says:

    Who is the President? Bakra or …………

    Good work.

  95. ahahhahere says:

    hahahhahaah great job …i wonder wat software u used lol

  96. Azeem Tahir says:

    @ ahahhahere…

    Some call it “Flash”. Others call it “Swish”. LOLZ!!! Man, it’s either of these software(s) that are used. They both make these “Shockwave” Objects. Try to keep up… Flash is all over the place now. Wonder how you haven’t figured that our yet.

    @ Author of Zardari/Bakra…

    Forgive the delay man. I was to give you some more hints. Pardon me but I’ve been very very busy lately. As soon as I catch some breath, I’ll coordinate with you. I still have your contact…


  97. waqar imran says:

    sahi bkra allah ke liye kurban kiya jata hai.agar bkra zardari ko marn chata hai to welcom and good luck

  98. fatima zehra says:

    rofl ..keep it comin

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  100. Umair Aslam Bhatti says:

    One of the nicest animation I saw on Geo “Hum sub umeed se hain” , this one is cool

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