Look What this Bakra Band is up to on Bakar Eid?

November 24, 200915

Here comes Bakra band dance by these bakras. Find out in the animation what these bakras are up to on…

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Eid Mubarak to everyone and Enjoy a few Eid Greetings Animations

September 19, 20093

Happy EID Greetings to every one. I hope you may enjoy all the promised blessings of Eid after the holy…

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Funny Ramadan Animation – only in Pakistan, Shaitan band, Jin azzad

August 30, 20097

It only happens in Pakistan that when month of Ramadan starts, prices go up. In rest of the world, even…

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Ramadan Repentance – faqt ik qatra aanso Ramadan ki pyaas hey

August 21, 20099

Wanted to share a poem on Ramadan Repentance I wrote a few years back along with a very heart felt…

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Ager yeh kashti doub gye tu bachey ga koun?

June 14, 200940

If you like this animation, please share the fun with all of your beloved ones. It will only take less…

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Where did all the bakras go?

December 11, 20082

Were you fortunate enough to find and eventually buy a bakra for qurbani this Baqar Eid? or you may have…

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Zardari v/s Bakra – Presidential Bakra Dance

December 7, 2008160

Here is the long awaited one. I developed it in a very busy schedule of work and a cousin's wedding.…

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Qurbani Ka Bakra Kab tak Khair Manaye ga?

December 5, 200845

Ok, you all have your bakras or other qurbani key janwar. And like every other Muslim you must be eager…

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Relax, its your birthday jehan!

November 18, 20112

This goes to the one of a kind workohlic Jehan Ara, a multidimensional, multi-tasking robot with super charged batteries. Hey…

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Budget 2010 Pakistan Forecast

May 27, 20100

Budget 2010 Pakistan Forecast

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Here comes Badar Khushnood, running Google Express Pakistan

February 11, 201077

Here comes Pak Satire's take on Badar Khushnood, Google's only country representative in Pakistan and running The Google Express! Well…

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Google is about to get a ban in Pakistan. Blame it on Political Crisis.

February 11, 201011

Google is about to get a ban for exposing all the crisis in Pakistan despite all the efforts of current…

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December 12, 20094

Synopsis: When DOCTORS become money EXTORTIONISTS... then hospitals turn into prison cells for patients, facing a painful death penalty while…

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Imanae Malik a 3 years old girl got killed at Doctor’s Hospital Lahore

December 11, 200912

This post is dedicated to Amanae Malik, a 3 years old girl who got killed at Doctor's Hospital Lahore on…

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Here comes Jehan Ara, a multidimensional, multi-tasking robot with super charged batteries.

October 7, 20094

PakSatire Comic Strips: Issue: 05 Personality: Jehan Ara Here comes Jehan Ara, a multidimensional, multi-tasking robot with super charged batteries.…

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Top 5 Eid Gifts in Pakistan for 2009 Eid ul Fitar – animated

September 19, 200913

Here comes Top 5 Gift ideas for Eid-ul-Fitar 2009 in Pakistan. I know it is a bit late but you…

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